Projects Past, Present, Future

I try to have a few different projects that I'm working on at a given time. It's better when they all relate to different things to keep me engaged and well-rounded.

I try to create synergies between projects and make sure they all orient to a larger goal. Right now, I'm learning a new language, publishing diverse content online, and developing some very cool technical systems.

Thai, .NET Core, Tech Leading, AWS, Cartoons, Redis, Piano, SNS + Lambda + Firehose, Upwork, Pastels, SQS + Lambda + Dynamo, Acoustic Guitar, Angular + S3 + API Gateway, Electric Ukulele

Software Development

I'm doing a bit too much coding to be honest. I build things for a fraud prevention company and do everything on this website. I'm moving in and out of the cloud and it's raining code before my eyes like the matrix.


Learning Thai

I'm back in the books starting to make sense of the script and getting my mouth accustomed to new throat positions. I hope to spend more time in Thailand in the future, and I think this helps me get there.


Drawing & Music

I've been watching old Bob Ross painting videos, thinking of happy trees, and drawing on a Microsoft Surface. I use real pastels and pens and colored pencils, but I dig pen on tablet a lot these days.


Website |

AWS, AngularJS, .NET Core, UI Bootstrap


Cloud Services

Fraud Prevention

AWS, .NET Core, .NET, Node.js



API Integrations

AWS, .NET Core, .NET